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First Congregational Church of Spencer, UCC offers weekly worship services every Sunday at 10am, as well as an ecumenical Thanksgiving service, Lenten devotional breakfasts, and many other worship opportunities. With a focus on building a family-centered community using a multi-sensory approach, our worship services are designed to engage all generations in unique and creative ways.


At First Congregational Church of Spencer, UCC we believe that faith formation is a life long journey that takes constant discernment. Our worship services are designed to help us reflect, experience and reorient our daily lives toward God’s movements and the Holy Spirits' guidance in, through and among each of us. Through worship our church family practices a pattern of Breathe, Share, Reflect, and Thank that enables all of God's children to center themselves on God's presence in their every day lives.

During this time when we are home, due to precautions around the Coronavirus, we welcome you to join in our online Worship experiences.  Click the button below to join us! 


We stop to settle ourselves and to breathe in order to release that which is preventing us from experiencing God, and to invite the life giving breath of God into the moment.


We share our gratitude’s, our confessions, our fears, and our joys with God and each other. We also stop to hear the word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ in the biblical teachings.


We reflect on how God and the Holy Spirit is moving in the moment, in day, the week, and in our lives as both individuals and as a church family. 


Finally we thank. We thank God for the gifts of family, fellowship, abundance and talent as our church family continues its mission to address social injustices beyond the four walls of our church.

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