"Our Building May Be Closed But Our Church

and Ministries Are Still Open"


Our Church Building will continue to be closed until further notice.

Our leadership teams are working to create a plan for our future.  Read the statement below for an update.

Our worship services are still available via our website (click the button below for our online worship videos), Facebook page, and the Spencer Cable Access Channel (click the button below for the schedule). If you would like to receive our Church's weekly Newsletter and our Worship services via email, please email and provide us with your email address.


Rev. Amie is available for pastoral care via email ( or phone: (744)-754-0554.

Friends in Christ,


The Emergency Task Team would like to assure everyone that they are working toward a building re-engagement plan that will allow our church community to engage in in-person worship as safely and as timely as possible. Knowing that many who worship in person with us are immunocompromised and in the vulnerable/at risk category the leadership of First Congregational Church of Spencer, UCC feels that in order to best fulfill our mission and outreach of love, we will continue to worship, and hold all church business meetings online as we enter phase one of our building re-engagement plan. 


The Emergency Task Team’s main focus currently is creating a safe environment for in person worship.  In order to do that the team is entering into phase one of it’s building re-engagement plan. 

Phase 1:

  • All worship will remain online

  • All church committee meetings will remain online

  • Pastoral Care, as well as Funeral and Wedding arrangement meetings will remain online.

    • Hospital visits will be within hospital and State guidelines.

    • Hospice visits will be within Hospice and State guidelines

    • Funerals are limited to 10 attendees including Pastor Amie.

      • This includes graveside services

      • All persons attending must wear face coverings

  • Live Streaming services will be made available for all services held in our sanctuary. 

  • The church office is open for essential church business only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    • All calls to the church will remain redirected to the parsonage.

    • Pastor Amie and our Secretary Brooke will continue working from home on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

      • Please note that our staff work hours have to be Tuesday through Friday and Sunday in order to support our online worship service.

    • Any essential business that needs to take place in the building and can not be managed virtually.

      • Limited to by appointment

      • Limited number of people (5 max.)

      • Everyone must wear face coverings

      • hand sanitizer will be used

      • Any space entered will be disinfected by those that used the space

      • No sharing of food items

  • Cleaning and organizing of our building

    • Sunday School classroom cleaning and reorganizing.

    • Economy shops break down, packing, and storing of economy shop items.

    • Limited number of people (5 max.)

      • By appointment

      • Everyone must wear face coverings

      • Use of Hand sanitizer

      • No sharing of food items 

      • Any space entered will be disinfected

    • A custodian for weekly cleaning and disinfecting of our building

  • Inspections and Building Maintenance

    • Contractors and Equipment inspectors will be allowed into the building by appointment

      • Face coverings must be worn

      • Practice Social Distance

      • Contractors will clean and disinfect the areas they work in.


The leadership and staff recognized that all of us desperately want to re-engage in in-person worship and we are evaluating ways and opportunities for more people to participate remotely in worship as we have been doing and will make those opportunities clear as they come up. For now, we encourage all of you to be patient and respect the difficult process of safely re-engaging in in-person worship. We have your health and safety in mind and hope that you understand that we want to gather as soon as it is safe to do so.

For now we strongly encourage you to participate in our online worship service and to share our service with all of your friends and family. Please note that in the next few weeks our live streaming system will be installed in our sanctuary, thus enabling Pastor Amie and Greg to stream our Sunday 10:00 am Worship service live from our Sanctuary each week. The recording of our live service will remain available indefinitely on our website (, our facebook page, and broadcasted on the Spencer Local Cable Channel 192.


~The COVID-19 Task Force